Teresa Irene Barrera

July 20 to 31, 2016
Teresa Irene Barrera
Opening: Thursday, July 21 (6-8 pm)

Teresa Irene Barrera was born in Mexico City in 1981, where she continues live and work, creating images on the periphery of conventional art circles. The detachment is both physical and ideological. Growing up in marginalized areas on the outskirts of the colossal metropolis has caused her a certain degree of embarrassment and isolation, the distances between people in the city being magnified by the congestion, class division and pre-conceived notions of “suitable” places for an artist to reside. Her own stand against the elitist nature of galleries and museums has also led her to explore alternate venues and forms of expression. However, it would be wrong to say she is completely ignored or disconnected from a broad artistic community. With surprising speed, energy and urgency Teresa moves like a hummingbird around the city and the country. She has painted large scale murals, flirted with street art on an international scale, taught art in rural communities and exhibited all over Mexico. Making use of social media, she has also generated her own mythology as a means of survival as an independent artist. This will be her first exhibition outside of Mexico. 

Kai Chan - 3 Works on Landscape

3 Works on Landscape
Kai Chan

June 22 to July 31, 2016
Opening on Sat, June 25 (2-5 pm)