ART BROWNIE Happiness 2014

Happiness Is...

"An artistic squiggle
A toddler’s giggle
It’s a warm glow inside
A sparkling waterfall
A crisp cuckoo’s call
It’s a lightness in your life"

(Excerpted from the poem Happiness Is... by Pauline Oliver)

The Art Brownie Annual Exhibition is near the corner! This year's theme "HAPPINESS" has gathered again a roster of artists working in different art disciplines: painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed-media and photography.

Featuring miniature artworks created by artists on spruce blocks, each measures 2.5 x 2.5 inch square, 1.5 inch high, this small, non-intimidating format has provided mini spaces for endless exploration, resulting in many exciting and appealing work.

Considered by many one of the most embracing art projects, the Art Brownie Project blends together high art and low art, the known and the emerging. A time for every artist and art lover to fully enjoy and appreciate the diversity of humanistic expressions. Initiated and organized by INDEXG, an exhibition of these works is scheduled to be held every Summer at Gallery 50 in Toronto.

The Gala opening of the exhibition Art Brownie HAPPINESS 2014 will take place on August 9th (Saturday), from 3 to 6 p.m. at Gallery 50. It will continue through August 31. All Art Brownies are for purchase with prices ranging from $30 to $300. Be a proud owner of these unique art pieces, which promise to make great gifts too. Join us for a day of fun, interesting finds, and lively chats...and maybe share a few yummy bites of home-made brownies baked by artists.

Participating artists:

Adriana Monti | Alex Steele-Mortimer | Anna Tai | Asma Sultana | Candace Spence | Carmen Peters | Caroline Mosby | Diana Shearwood | Doris Purchase | David Townsend | Edwin Kwan | Emily Colguhoun | Frances Westermann | Irina Schestakowich | John Powell | Katelyn Butcher | Kelly Jacobi | Linda Black | Loree Ovens | Myrna brooks Bercovitch | Rachel Heinold | Rob Niezen | Roger Cummiskey | Sara Norquay | Shelley Savor| Scott Walker | Tomio Nitto | Una Jovanic | Valerie Brown | Zora Anaya

Special featured artist solos:

Adam Devenish | Chiara Fallani | Kai Chan | Janet Potter | Jesi The Elder | Jenal Dolson | Kiyomi Burgin | Patrick McCue

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