Lunar Meditations by Noriko Saito

Lunar Meditations by Noriko Saito
Exhibition runs from September 3-7, 2014
Opening Reception: Thurs, September 4 (5-7 pm), 2014
Poetry Reading: Sat, September 6 (3-5 pm), 2014

Gallery 50
50 Gladstone Ave

The moon’s transformation is familiar to us all. Not only do we observe it from afar,
but we also experience its quiet influence on nature and life on earth.

We are approaching the season when the moon is at its most beautiful,
a time when we are invited to celebrate and contemplate its sublimity.

The cycles of nature have been a main theme of my art work, such as my SEED and WATER series’.

Lunar Meditations is a series of paintings and drawings created with mineral pigments, sumi ink and
washi (hand made Japanese paper) on wood panel and canvas.