The Paint Chip Project by Shelley Savor

The hardware store has endless possibilities for changing your life. Intrigued by the many colours and titles of paint chips, I decided to collect them. These small fields of colour provide the background for explorations of the human condition. Collisions of urban life and nature, emotions spilling over in the living room, the challenge of commuting, adapting to the environment, both interior and exterior, rural and urban, are explored on colour samples such as  ‘Golden Raisin’, ‘Sardinia Green’, Blackboard Grey’, and Wisteria Blue.

Exhibit dates Oct 15 to Nov 6, 2014
Opening: Sat. 25, 2:00-6:00

Vocal performance: Xuan Ye (Human Voice and Electronics)

Gallery 50
50 Gladstone Ave

Gallery Hours: Wed to Sun (1-5 pm)