"Actualization: Furthering one's craft at the Artist Residency" Elizabeth Greisman

"Actualization: Furthering one's craft at the Artist Residency" Elizabeth Greisman
Exhibition runs from 8 to 16 Nov, 2014
Opening on Wednesday, 12 Nov (5-7 pm)

This show is a compilation of artwork done in a variety of International Residencies, with each residency providing a supported venue for contemplation, exploration and creation of new works. The opportunity for growth and development in the residency setting has shaped an influenced my art work to a great degree.

The meeting of artists in different disciplines afforded by the Artist Residency has given me a unique perspective to creating my art in a cross disciplinary fashion, as well as an international focus.

In this show the viewer will see works on paper and canvas, influenced by formal gardens and naturalized settings in oil paint and opaque watercolour and acrylic. Most pieces will have a sketch like quality.

Also included are portraits of artists in residence, often done as a way to get to know the participants and form new collaborations, as well as capturing the sublime moment in the Residency. These pieces are created in acrylic on paper.

The figure in motion is featured as well, as each Residency setting allowed Elizabeth time and the flexibility to paint the dance figure. These pieces are done on long sheets of paper as well as some portraits in rice paper, painted with acrylic. Also included are some studies in oils.

Through the Artist Residency programme in Canada, U.S.A, Ireland, Spain, Italy and France, I have developed collaborations and lifelong friendships with other artists in the area of dance, science, medicine, video art, installation art and poetry.

Gallery 50
50 Gladstone Ave