AOS SI by Miya Akiyama

Opening reception: May 27 (Wednesday) 6-9 pm
Exhibition continuous through June 6, 2015

Aos Si is a documentary video-based installation that illuminates the presence of unseen agencies that influence life out on Ireland’s most south-westerly point – Mizen Head. Mizen Head has done its best to keep the old ways alive, but times are changing. The rural lifestyle the peninsula once offered is being lost in the name of modernity and development, and vanishing with it is an ancient Irish outlook. Lost are the rituals and folklore that once prevailed and, with them, the belief in the mystical, magical and supernatural.

Aos Si immerses the audience within the sites and sceneries that once nurtured this lost way of thinking. Playing with elements of the fantastical, it asks us to extend our imagination and let go of our adherence to reality, fact and truth. This installation marks the elusive by way of capturing the transitory elements on Mizen Head before they slip away.

Miya Akiyama is an interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto. After graduating from the University of Toronto she spent several years in the non-profit sector, working with youth in arts and advocacy. In 2013, she helped to curate Youth Cyclists Gearing up for Change at the Urbanspace Gallery.
Motivated by her degree in social equity and diaspora and transnational studies, Akiyama’s work explores themes of cultural dissonance, remnants and remains. She is interested in bridging lived realities, imagination and the fantastical.