You Live in Me

You Live in Me

In the Attic: Evan Jerry and Yshia Wallace

Opening Reception: June 18, Thursday 5-8 pm
Exhibition: June 17-21, 2015

You Live in Me is the first exhibition by In the Attic, a collaboration between Yshia Wallace and Evan Jerry. This work is the culmination of inward journeys undertaken by both artists in their respective searches for the ghost of childhood.

Children lose their innocence. The shocks of existence are revealed to us in stages, and at each stage we must pay a toll. This coming of age continues through adulthood and into old age, but the transitions of childhood seem to haunt us most deeply and the voices from this time become louder as we age.

About In the Attic

In response to the influence of fear, shame and detachment that we experience in ourselves and in our environments, we have created an imagined space, the attic, where we can feel around in the darkness for whatever treasures and monsters lie hidden there. We share the personal narratives, histories, identities, and traumas that we uncover in the spirit of openness and generosity. Through these acts of vulnerability we hope to build connection, engagement and community.

Yshia Wallace is a Toronto based artist. Though her practice she explores the ways uncertainty shapes the behaviour of individuals and the human species, and she delves into her own psyche to draw out universal motifs on this theme. She has a BA in English Literature from McGill University, has participated in an artist residency at The Banff Centre, and has exhibited in Toronto and Montreal.

Evan Jerry is a Toronto based artist and designer who uses space and objects to preserve/document/examine/explore the experiences, memories and cultural influences that shape identity. Evan has completed his BA at Ryerson University’s School of Interior Design, has studied at Aalto University in Finland and apprenticed as an artist for exhibits in Helsinki, Stockholm and Berlin.