Lee Ka-sing: Walking Smoke (Vintage Photowork, 1989-2000)

Walking Smoke
(Vintage Photowork, 1989-2000)
Lee Ka-sing

September 30 to October 11, 2015
Opening reception on Sat, 3 October (3-6 pm) 

This exhibition includes some vintage works I made in the period from 1989 to 2000. The exhibition is organized in the occasion before being shipped back to the origin place where they
were produced.

(exhibit list)

Longing for Good Weather for an On-location Hotel Shoot. It Captures the Two Recent Typhoons and Some Rainfall Record, June 1989 (1989)
49.5x71 inch, c-type photograph

The Square (1989)
37.5x37.5 inch, c-type photograph

On Art Criticism (1991)
49.5x73 inch, c-type photograph

City at the End of Time (1992)
42x58.5 inch, c-type photograph

Things from the Sixties (1995)
56.5x44 inch, c-type photograph

Hong Kong Arts Policy and Strategy at the Turn of the Century: Demons #1, Demons #2 (2000)
76x101 cm, each, c-type photograph

Hong Kong Arts Policy and Strategy at the Turn of the Century: Epitome #1, Epitome #2 (2000)
76x101 cm, each, c-type photograph

Forty Poems series (1995-1997)
A suite of 20 prints
8.5x11 inch, each, dye thermal print

Along side the exhibition, I am launching a new DVD of my current work -

250 Picture Duets from the LIGHT READINGS series
(Premiere Edition 2015. MP4 format for Mac and Windows. Playing time: 27:24 minutes)

The LIGHT READINGS series is a photographic journal in diptychs. I started this project in 2014 as a way to write with pictures about the city, fragments of my thoughts, or reflection on readings. They are, as if casual conversation with a friend, or brush strokes on a sketchbook. The project’s current incarnation contains a selection of 250 diptychs selected from work made between August 2014 and September 2015.

Gallery 50
50 Gladstone Avenue