"50.2016" - 25 artists, 50 works

25 artists, 50 works 
January 16 to February 7, 2016
An exhibition presented by Gallery 50 and INDEXG

Our annual bash to welcoming the new year. Twenty five artists step into 2016 with different medium works. The variety and quality of the works are not just good, but fascinating. Come and share, experiencing art that shines. And because of your passion and participation, it's future has never been more promising.

Participating artists: Adam Devenish, Andre Kan, Dave Donald, Elaine Munro, Elliot Mallon, Fiona Smyth, Han Xu, Irina Schestakowich, Ivan Zhao, Janet Potter, Kai Chan, Kelly Hu, Libby Hague, Loree Ovens, Marina Black, Mierte, Noriko Saito, Sally Ayre, Shelley Savor, Tomio Nitto, Uros Jelic, Vik Lai, Yam Lau, Yshia Wallace.

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