Art Brownie 2016 (HELLO DECEMBER)

Art Brownie 2016 (HELLO DECEMBER) - An International Miniature Art Project and Exhibition

This Winter Art Brownie Project features an amazing array of small scale, multi-disciplinary artworks created by artists - on 2.5 x 2.5 inch square, 1.5 inch high wood blocks. Numerous submissions are received from Canada as well as abroad. Initiated and organized by INDEXG in 2011, this season promises a new collection of brilliant Art Brownie works. Come and see for yourselves!

Participating Artists:

Alice MacLean, Arruniya Mohendran, Benjamin Martins, Cathy Nghiem, Chandra Rice, Colin Hill,  Danyang hu, Debbie Wong, Edwin Kwan, Emily Watson, Esya Osherovsky, Giselle Silvestri, Gosia Komorski, Heather Cameron, Ida Emilie Poulsen, Janet Horne Cozens, Jennifer Hughes, Jesse Lentz, Kai Chan, Kalynn Sinnamon, Kelsey Whyte, Kewy Janisse, Loree Ovens, Lorette C. Luzajic, Lydia Zdero, Marcus Fessler, Maria Coletsis, Menghan Qi, Patrice Baker, Sandra Kugenieks, Tina Oehmsen-Clark, Tomio Nitto, Valerie Powell, Verity Griscti, Vik Lai, Wendy Turner-Frey, William van Boesschoten

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