Join us Friday, April 7th from 6 until 8 pm for the
[EXPLETIVE DELETED] opening reception.

Featuring new works by

Diego De La Rosa 

Abbey Gagnon

Greg McCarthy 

Dermot O'Brien

The phrase EXPLETIVE DELETED refers to and stands in for profanity that has been censored from a text. Combinations of characters like “#@%!” or the sound effect “bleep!” have also historically stood in for said profanity in comics, television and radio.

Each armed with their own particular visual language, Toronto-based artists Diego De La Rosa, Abbey Gagnon, Greg McCarthy and Dermot O’Brien respond to the profanity-inducing anxieties of our time: The politics of the other, fear mongering, censorship, climate change denial, misinformation and the perils of patriarchy. 

Through drawing, painting, sculptural installations, and works on paper, panel and porcelain, the four alternately examine, ponder and critique issues and actors of the day with scientific exactness, romantic imagining, reflexivity and cartoon clarity. Personal perspectives combine to provide a collective expression of “[EXPLETIVE DELETED]”.

The show runs from April 5 through April 16. Wed. – Sun. 1pm -5pm

Diego De La Rosa
Diego De La Rosa is a fine artist born in Venezuela, currently living and working in Toronto. His work examines the cultural impact of urban crime in his native country, using symbolism to explore the ideas and sentiments born from this reality.

Abbey Gagnon
Abbey Gagnon is a multidisciplinary artist currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. Her work has dealt with the topics of terrorism, and violent extremism in popular media, the migrant crisis, the recent revival of divisive rhetoric and the election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States.

Greg McCarthy
Greg McCarthy is a multidisciplinary artist working out of Toronto, Canada. Working primarily in collage and photography, his works have dealt with tourism in the Niagara region, issues surrounding historic depictions of national identity in Canada and most recently the ethics of archival practices.

His works have recently been featured in Magenta Magazine, Art with Heart, 1/Edition Toronto and have been collected by various private collections and The National Gallery of Canada.

Dermot O’Brien
Dermot O’Brien is a Toronto area multidisciplinary artist. Issues of patriarchy and one’s place within it agitate the surfaces and inform the content of his expressive drawings, paintings and porcelain works.